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GSoC 2016 Week 1: Reproducible Builds in Debian

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This is a concise report on my previous week.

I started working from 28 May as the exams ended. This report is bit late. I started work on –hide=profiles flag. Till now, I did/doing following tasks:

  • Read documentation related to argparse python module.
  • Debug the code to find the ways to implement the solution
  • Discussed the problem with the community.
  • Based on progress I have pushed some code here (work is in progress)

Lunar suggested me to create the specification for –hide=profiles. It can be found here

General purpose of addition of –hide=profiles to diffoscope is because we want to provide an alternative for tool like OBS pkg-diff. We want to increase userbase of diffoscope and thus number of contributors. Hopefully, I will finish this part as soon as possible.

We are still discussing, how things should be done! Right now, I am researching diff of unreproducible packages and trying to develop use cases. I will update the HideProfilesSpecification wiki with my findings. Lunar has given me a proper directions and community is very much helpful. :)

My goal for an upcoming week is to search for packages which are unreproducible and generate use cases for diffoscope. This week I will also try to fix the reproducibility of Debian packages.

I am loving, contributing to Debian and free software and it’s a great learning experience. Many things to come in upcoming time :)